• If you have a boat, you NEED BoatProject!

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  • Even the weekend fishing boat needs TLC.

BoatProject quickly gets you organized!

Projects and Tasks

BoatProject organizes your jobs into projects with subtasks to help you stay organized. Capture pictures, create links to resources, assign them, and more. BoatProject quickly lets you add items and mark them complete. BoatProject is specialized for working on boats; no more spreadsheets or paper to try to manage and track when things need to be done or when they were done last.

Manuals at your fingertips

BoatProject allows you to upload your documentation and manuals so they are always at your fingertips. Access the public library to share and find the manuals and documents you need.


BoatProject comes with templates to minimize re-creating the wheel. Need to winterize your boat? Use the template and customize to fit your needs. Templates come complete with links to resources to minimize your time researching how to do things.