• Looking at buying a boat? BoatProject's templates can help you through the boat buying process and then help you track your projects when you climb aboard your vessel!

Buying a boat can be daunting. BoatProject can help.

BoatProject is an app for boaters that helps boaters know what projects to do, when to do them, and in many cases, how to do them.  Our "Buying a Boat" template will take you through the boat purchase process so you know what to expect. Learn from others' mistakes so you don't make them!

Once you purchase your boat, you can continue to access our library of templates to set up your projects needed for annual maintenance, inspection, and repair.  Change the template to meet your needs or create your own projects and tasks from scratch.  Then, let BoatProject send you a summary of tasks that need to be done every week to remind you of what needs to be done.

Boats require attention to keep them looking good and keeping them safe. Spend less time organizing what needs to be done and more time on the water.