• BoatProject keeps you connected to your customers so they come back to you when they sell and buy their next boat!

Create a higher Sale Price

Your templates can guide your customers to keeping their boat maintained and safe; documented service will provide value that means a higher sell price. All the boat information can be transferred to the new owner as a value-add to them.

Help the Service Department be more Efficient

The ability for users to assign projects and tasks to your service department enhances communication and provides a great interface for sharing pictures and details of the issue, allowing your service department to better schedule and estimate time prior to a service call.

Drive the Services You Want

Create Templates to share out with your customers with the services you want them to utilize.

Other Benefits

  • One Free Gold Membership to BoatProject
  • Customized discount code for your customers and friends
  • Customized landing page on our website for users coming to sign up
  • Listing on Friends of BoatProject Website
  • Promotion of templates you create

Value to Your Customers

Receive Two Months Free access to BoatProject Silver or Gold (via a customized discount code that highlights that this benefit is from you.)

  • Create Projects and Tasks using their phone when on the boat where things happen
  • Receive Weekly Status updates
  • Upload documentation, manuals, notes, and other important information that is always available
  • Share and access shared Projects, documents, and notes so they aren’t re-inventing the wheel
  • Save time by using Project Templates that come with pre-identified tasks, rich with information such as links, pictures, and helpful information and advice