Is Your Anchor Ready in Case of an Emergency? Ours Wasn't.
Your anchor is actually a safety device; make sure you can drop it at a moment's notice.
If something bad happens on the boat, do your passengers know what to do?
Here are some important items to go over with your passengers as you get underway to ensure a safe and fun trip on the water. First of a series on safety.
What's a "go" bag? Hint: it is NOT a ditch bag
Most everyone has heard of, or knows what a ditch bag is. It's that bag you want ready in the event you abandon ship. (If you want to know what goes in one, there is a "ditch bag" template in BoatProject.) I created a "go" bag with what I feel is necessary so I know that I'll be ...
Am I Required to Keep a Ship's Log?

Commercial vessels are required to keep a ship's log. This log is a legal document and is referenced in the event of any mishap or reviewed when boarded and inspected.

But, I have a recreational sailboat and I keep a ship's log. Why? And how do I use it?

I keep a log book for my destination sails. Goi...

Do you have a cutoff switch installed on your boat?

Back in April of 2021, a new law took effect that requires power boats and personal watercraft under 26' to have a kill switch.  Many boats are grandfathered in, but that list continues to be reduced each year.

The purpose of the law is to reduce runaway boats and prop strikes.  The operato...

Why is my Bilge Running so Much?
Don't overlook the "minor" things noted on a survey. They must be important if they found their way into your survey. I learned the hard way...
US Coast Guard Inspected My Vessel and I Failed!
Get inspected by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary for a risk free inspection so you can correct any deficiencies before you get boarded when on the water.
Hoist up the Mainsail! Uh, oh...
How to measure sliders on your mainsail to ensure they will fit in the mast slot.