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Why is my Bilge Running so Much?
Don't overlook the "minor" things noted on a survey. They must be important if they found their way into your survey. I learned the hard way...
Hoist up the Mainsail! Uh, oh...
How to measure sliders on your mainsail to ensure they will fit in the mast slot.
Let There Be Light!

My last sail of the season turned out to be my last sail for a few different reasons but, like most sails, it seems that I walked away with a few repairs needing to be done.

While we were tacking, the foresail got away from the crew a bit and out of the corner of my eye I saw something appear to fa...

22.02.23 04:33 AM - Comment(s)
My Alternator is Cutting it Close!

I worry that I have a ticking time bomb in my engine. The alternator seems dangerously close to the oil filter for my comfort. Part of why I’m concerned about this is I was on someone else’s boat with a similar engine configuration and the alternator cut into the oil filter, leading the engine to se...

11.02.23 04:58 PM - Comment(s)